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You know how you never seem to have time to do the things you want to, and when you finally do, you just don't know where to start... or much more either have the drive to get started or try to do everything at once? Sheesh... that has been me this whole weekend!

Firstly, I've been reworking my original songs in FL Studio, starting with the first VOCALOID-related one. It sounds a lot cleaner now that I have the workspace and tools to enhance the audio the way I really like it. (I'm still not used to everything, so it's a very slow process... even to the point I'm still retreating back to Audacity to make edits on some sound files before importing them back into FL Studio, despite the fact that there's a function to do everything in that single program... guess I'm still just overwhelmed with everything and not having all that free time I used to have before entering the full-time working world to get used to it.)

The tricky part, however... the lyrics. Oh GOD, the lyrics... IMing: Cry Revising them from the ground up is proving to be an absolute pain, and I didn't realize how far off my context was at the time I translated them. It's partially my fault for being such a noob and thinking I could survive with using translators and dictionaries to go from English > Japanese alone at the time, since I didn't know too many native/fully bilingual Japanese I could get feedback from. (I still don't, but that's partially my fault since I could very well be practicing with people I've friended on Lang-8... but I've been so off track due to time and motivation as well. I really need summer vacation to come asap so I'll have plenty of it.) Self learning is proving to be a slippery slope that I can't climb up now that the schedule has been full of other things lately. I'm really going to have to expand my horizons this year for sure and get back into searching for potential local classes to either retake or move on to the second level... but it's so doggone hard when the closest college that offers it is over 3 hours away, depending on traffic.  :mad:

Secondly... I've done some sketches recently. I did a few of some of my OCs (Saryna, Kai'Von, etc.), and they have gone through some major changes since the last time I've drawn them. But mostly, I've been sketching a lot more of my OC Eien. I've been trying to come up with a "virtual idol" style for him that sort of blends in some design aspects from notated music, J-rocker, and Ainu influences. It's... not going as well as I had hoped, and I'm not really all that great with coming up with original clothing designs... but I do hope to use him someday with future projects, since I did start a model of him a while back when I was doing my original IA models (which I still haven't even touched since posting the WIP pics... shame on me.IMing - :flailrage: + PLZ) I think I would have an easier time if I just upgrade myself to the digital age and get me a friggin' drawing tablet... that way I'd be less tempted to destroy countless trees out of frustration of not getting features out of my head onto paper correctly. But then again, I'm so particular and I want to see what I'm drawing where I'm drawing it at. (Meaning my tastes are too expensive... but I digress.)

Finally, the model edit I've been working on for IAx has been giving me heck. I just can't deal with PMXe, it's so frustrating and inflexible with what I really want to do with it but can't. I keep coming across some physics issues with that pareo/wrap-around that I added to the model. I want it to be smooth and flowy when animating, but it keeps getting glitchy when I do add the physics, like it's repelling off of her legs while she's still... not to mention the clipping when she lifts her legs. (And I know I have the rigid bodies(?) checked and vertices assigned right. It's just I'm not getting clean/satisfying results I envisioned is all.) Perhaps I should just give in and use the edited default outfit model I did instead, because I'm finding I just don't have the patience to deal with the model creation tool related to MMD. :pissed 

So in short, I may have a few updates soon. Hopefully nothing delays me from uploading anything, but I do know I'll be posting my Eien sketches within the next few days, as soon as I get them scanned.
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Submitted on
February 16, 2015